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Simple music app - LiteMusic


■All-you-can-listen-to music for free! No annoying ads on the top!■Only three buttons to use! You only need one hand to play music! ■You can play music even when you close the app. Enjoy background music!【Who need this app.?】
・I've just got a new phone and I need a easy to use music app. ・The music app. I'm using now is difficult to use. ・I don't like those annoying ads. on the top of my screen.
【Super easy! How to use this app.】
Only three steps to follow!All you need to do is to find your favourite songs, create a playlist, and play the music.
①Find songsFind your favourite song from “Search a song” tab.Use keyword search and type the name of song or artist when you know what you're searching for!You can find popular songs from top artist or song chart!You can also search music from categories such as “anime”, “J-POP”, or “dance”.
②Add to playlist Add songs to your own playlist.You can add as many songs as you wish to your playlist. There are no limits!
③Play music Now you can play and enjoy your music.You can play music as a background music too. Enjoy music even when you close the app. or lock your iPhone. You can also listen to music while using other apps.You can also repeat and shuffle your music.
【Simple, yet offers a lot of potential with its useful functions!】
・No limits playlistYou can add as many songs as you wish to your playlist!
・Play as a background music You can enjoy your music even when your iPhone is locked or you're using other apps.!
・Hot artist chartYou can find hot songs by popular artists!
・Hot song chartYou can search songs that everyone else is listening from hot song chart!
・Keyword search You can search a song by typing the name of song or artist when you know which song you want to get!
・International music chartThere are international songs too! Find your favourite song from hot artist or song chart!
・Search lyrics of the song you are playing When you want to know the lyrics of the song you're playing, you can search from the right top button!